CHILDREN’S ministry

Sunday School 
9:30 AM
The children in our Sunday School love to be here.  They arrive with a smile on their face and enjoy being together.  They are learning about the Bible and that JESUS LOVES THEM! 
The younger children attend a class with Mrs. Jaime,  which is activity oriented around a Bible story. 
The older children learn the Books of the Bible with Mrs. Jean.  They use the Bible each time as they look up verses and read a Bible story together.  Stories can come from the Old Testament like Noah, Moses, or Jonah.  Or stories might be from the New Testament such as stories about Jesus as well as the travels of Paul.  All children are welcome to attend .
Wednesday Evening
7:00 PM
There are classes on Wednesday evening for the children ages Preschool through grade 5 while the adults have their Bible Study.  They like to tell their teacher about what has happened that day or that week.  It is also a time for them to talk to their friends in the class as they do not all go to the same school.  The younger children study Bible stories for their age group followed by a craft and a snack.  The older children have a Bible study based on a particular theme for the evening.  It is an activity/craft based class that goes along with the Bible story for the evening.  These children are always eager to find out what snack their teacher brought for them that evening.